At long last, the first TSC change I ever did, std::cout and std::cerr breakup, is finally released :)
This change missed the 2.0 release and was made in devel at the time.

> We are urgently looking for a graphics artist

Has anyone contacted Bugsbane?  We would need to be sure at least one programmer is ready to put his work to immediate use, through coding changes and/or commits before anyone emails him.

> This upgrade however bound so many of TSC's team resources that the 2.1.0 release ultimately ended up with fewer new features than it was originally intended.

It was really the Cegui and SFML upgrade duo that tied up the team, preventing most feature work.  This is otherwise spot on.

I have thought about emailing some YouTube game reviewers to do a review of TSC to try to get more exposure.
The main question here would be if we want to wait until another maintenance release to do this, as our testing resources were limited for this last release, meaning there could still be some bugs that weren't found in theory.
I know I was not able to fix a scripting bug in a couple of my levels in time that could break the levels if a save and load is used, though it's not that likely most players will encounter this.
Basically, my thought was to get more exposure for TSC so that we get more contributors -- programmers and artists -- in the long run.
I will probably send out an email on this later, though reviewers probably do need to be contacted soon after a given release rather than a month after or later.

Linux releases are also important of course, though I'm not sure if we have anyone to do them right now.  I don't think I can volunteer for this.


On Sun, May 17, 2020 at 5:56 PM Lauri Ojansivu <> wrote:
I uploaded new packages to the server, and updated download webpages.

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