1. Audience + Target Age Group - "Decide what age group(s) Secret Chronicles is targeted towards and consider any special needs for the old Secret Maryo Chronicles fan base, which will be weighed against our new goals."
2. Depth of Story - "Confirm how deep of a story Secret Chronicles will have.  Many traditional platformers have thin stories, but there has been discussion about going deeper for Secret Chronicles."
3. Themes - "Discuss the possibility of classical works, social issues, Alex's age and profession, magic, technology, and military hardware as themes.  See the story principles document for more info.  This is also related to art style." ***
4. Level of Cuteness - "Discuss the level of cuteness in the game going forward.  Secret Maryo Chronicles had cuter graphics than even the Mario games, but we have several options for our fork.  See the story principles document for visual examples.  This has an impact on art style." ***
5. Narration, cinematic scenes, and story formatted text - "Discuss different ways in which the story can be presented for a platforming game.  Dumping text on the screen usually will not work for this type of game."
6. Translation websites - "Decide if setting up a translation website is a priority right now.  Decide whether Transifex is an acceptable solution.  Decide if any other sites such as weblate.org might be preferable.  See GitHub issue #196."
7. Bugtracker software - "Discuss Gitlab and any other known alternatives as replacements for the GitHub issue tracker.  Discuss the test GitLab implementation posted by xet7." ****

*** I will post the Story Principles document and also Danfun64's story submission on our ftp site semi-soon.  This gives information for items 1-5 above.
**** We need to post the link to xet7's GitLab example in this discussion thread.

On Sunday, February 21, 2016 1:52 PM, Quintus <quintus@quintilianus.eu> wrote:

Hi everyone,

I suggest to add the following topic to the schedule:

  Bugtracker software

We have already come to the conclusion we don’t want to continue use of
GitHub for the TSC project, but have not come to a final decision as to
which software we should use for selfhosting. I think it is time to
finally make that decision.



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