If I understand correctly, if no issues are found in this release candidate, we will skip release candidate 2 and publish the release to all distribution channels, correct?
In that case, the potential final release date is two weeks from 07-27-2015, correct?

I just want to make sure I communicate all of this to Mr. Vertigo correctly when I try to email him.  However, if it is likely we may be done in two weeks, we aren't going to have any time for him to respond, since we need to allow 1-2 weeks to try and get a hold of him.  We might have to consider allowing more testing time if we want YouTubers to test (though we should first see if we reach him).

I can also try to contact others such as DevEd about beta testing.


On Monday, July 27, 2015 7:58 AM, Quintus <quintus@quintilianus.eu> wrote:

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Hi everyone...

well. Errm. Hm....
*looks around shyly*

Hrrrm-hrm. I have tagged and released the First Release Candidate (RC1)
of TSC 2.0.0 today. This means we’re on the road to the 2.0.0 final
release pretty far. Finally, after months of delay.

The release files, both sourcecode tarball and Windows setup installer,
will appear on our FTP server ftp.secretchronicles.de as soon as the
upload with my poor Internet connection permits. Once this is done, I
will announce the release also on the website’s news page.

Download links and checksums:

FTP server: ftp.secretchronicles.de
(permits anonymous logins)

File name                | MD5 checksum
TSC-2.0.0-rc1.tar.xz    | 2642ac8013f10cb4bd53a47241435194
TSC-2.0.0-rc1-win32.exe  | 89e18675d2b44a4388da0210fb35a92d

There are detached GPG signatures by me as well (.sig files) on the
server as well.

The RC phase is the last phase in the release process before the final
release. We will be cautiously watching the issue tracker for any new
issues for two weeks after each release candidate. If an important issue
is reported, we’re going to fix it as soon as possible and immediately
issue a new release candidate. Then the two-week phase starts anew.

If no issues are reported within the two-week phase, the final release
is made.

TSC project lead.

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