> What came to mind when I talked to datahead about the topic was also:
> * Relationships between tickets ("this ticket depends on ticket #xxx")

Maybe referencing other ticket by ticket number?

> * Priorities for tickets (low, medium, high)

Gogs has labels.

> * Assigning people to tickets
> * Milestones

Gogs has these also, and releases.

> We also need to have users check a checkbox somewhere that states they
> accept our licensing. If we use an LDAP (likely) then we should
> centralise registration at a single place, and that place should include
> the license acceptance checkbox. This place doesn’t have to be the issue
> tracker; the CEGUI people for example long required you to register on
> their forum in order to post on their tracker (now that they’ve changed
> to Bitbucket, that has become obsolete).

This will be done on some LDAP registration webpage, I don't know yet what software to use for that.