Awesome.  I'll check it out later.  I've posted it to my FB.  Do we have
any social media pages?  Maybe we should create one to develop a fan
base?  Maybe, I don't normally do the whole social media thing.

On 08/17/2015 04:39 PM, Quintus wrote:
Hi everyone,

I am proud to announce that as of today, the final stable version 2.0.0
has been released. This release happens exactly six years after the last
release of SMC, and is the result of the joint development efforts of
our wonderful team. For those who enjoy history courses, there’s a more
torough posting going to appear on the TSC website in the next days
(when xet7 has finished the Finnish translation) that describes how we
got to this point.

The code of the final 2.0.0 release is not different from RC1, because
no fatal bugs were found in the two-week grace period. The only thing
that has changed is that the windows setup installer is now compiled in
release mode, and that the version number now says “2.0.0” rather then
“2.0.0-RC1”. Please enjoy this first release of our fork!

The source tarball and the windows setup installer are available from
the project’s FTP server:

Directory: /releases
  TSC-2.0.0.tar.xz    (MD5: 54688db473103299d867b0e52c39f51e)
  TSC-2.0.0-win32.exe (MD5: e20d66fdf171e0b6d5f065803fcfcd02)

There are GPG signatures for these files on the FTP server as well (.sig
files). They’re signed by my private key (which is also used to sign
this message).

TSC project lead.

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