Is it possible for someone to send an email to the mailing list without subscribing (and agreeing to these rules)?  If so, it will be possible to bypass them and cause license problems.  It didn't seem to work from my unsubscribed gmail account, so I'm guessing the subscription is required.

I had understood it was possible in the forums to add a note to any post you make that your content is not licensed under the default license.  Obviously, we can't accept work that's not under an acceptable license, but this allows artists to showcase their work if they aren't sure they want to give it to us.  It also allows them to send us their work if they convince us another license is warranted.  We might consider something similar for the mailing list with a clause in the rules.

We may want to consider keeping a list (internally only) of who has and has not accepted the rules for the mailing list for people who were already registered.  Otherwise it will be difficult to keep track of this later, and we could end up in a bad licensing situation again.  People who aren't submitting content here don't necessarily have to agree to anything, but we need to keep track of it.


On Saturday, February 7, 2015 10:48 PM, Luiji Maryo <> wrote:

These rules seem perfectly reasonable to me. I'm particularly fond of
clarifying that this primarily English mailing list is under German
jurisdiction. :)

On Sat, Feb 7, 2015 at 1:17 PM, Quintus <> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> it just occured to me that there is simply no reason why we have a
> licensing clause on the forum rules and none on the mailinglist,
> although the subscription process is very similar. When you subscribe to
> the list, you first receive an informational email you have to actively
> reply to (double opt-in). In this first email, such a clause can easily
> be included and the active reply is an acceptance.
> Therefore I don’t see why we should make it harder for people to
> contribute through the ML than through the forum. If people send
> something to the ML, it should be just as usable the same way it is as
> if posted through the forums.
> I suggest to add the following rules section to the first email:
>  1. Any post you make to the mailinglist is licensed as CC-BY 4.0
>      (see <>).
>  2. If you spam the mailinglist or otherwise troll it, you can be
>      excluded from its use for a period of time or permanently
>      by the list administrator.
>  3. “Trolling” includes sending illegal or obscene messages.
>  4. The list is under German jurisdiction.
>  5. These rules may be changed by the list administrator at any time
>      after a public announcement has been posted to the mailinglist
>      two weeks in advance to the change.
> This is short and understandable and should do no harm while giving the
> ML the same licensing safety as the forum.
> As I can’t force rules on you that you have subscribed already, a short
> confirmation that you agree with these rules would be nice if you intend
> to send graphics or other assets to the mailinglist. Once done there’s
> no need to redo this.
> Of course, if anyone thinks my above suggestion is nonsense, I’m open to
> modifications.
> Valete,
> Quintus
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