> GitHub has a usable export API, and if Gogs can be scripted, I can write
> a conversion script myself that will fulfill our specific needs. Can
> Gogs be scripted?

Gogs developers are adding REST APIs for everything.
Currently they are doing Organization APIs.
Adding issue API is on roadmap, but it's not done yet.

Gogs works like this, I think:
Webserver with SSL support proxy
=> Gogs single binary HTTP/REST API server
=> git repos as files, and PostgreSQL for other data

So it would probably be possible to also use database directly to add issues
etc, but I have not tried yet.

>> - While it would be possible to use GitLab for TSC In English and Gogs for
>> other projects that need local translation, supporting and managing
>> multiple systems for same purpose takes much more time.
I’m unsure what is the argument here. Do you imagine TSC to have local
> subprojects that will only be communicated within in a language other
> than English? If so, I doubt that this will ever be the case, because
> other OSS projects much larger than us do not even have such
> subprojects.

No, that was mainly about my personal time usage using GitLab or Gogs,
which one do I concentrate to so I get all required features working.
With GitLab, when I imported issues, it did not keep original issue submitter
names etc same as before, but it used my name.

There's is still for example this issue with GitLab speed:
Although some previous GitLab release did improve speed, I think
Gogs still is faster and uses less resources.
That is why I would prefer to concentrate on Gogs.

> What is the current state of email replies to tickets? I know, I need to
> set up some testing instances of Gogs and GitLab myself and test it out,
> but my time is fairly limited at the moment. Again, if the software can
> be scripted, I am willing to write an email processing script myself. I
> have done that with Chessboard already, and I can do it again (after
> fixing the handling in Chessboard, I know it is not perfect, just look
> at the "guest" posts...).

Currently it's possible to reply by email to tickets in GitLab, but not yet in Gogs.